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The Wizard And The Warlord (2012)

by M.R. Mathias(Favorite Author)
4.06 of 5 Votes: 2
1478174633 (ISBN13: 9781478174639)
Michael Robb Mathias Jr.
The Wardstone Trilogy
review 1: I have a pretty long list of books to read. But after I read the first book, it was good enough that I would finish the series before starting another one. These are very well written and highly entertaining without being over the top with violence or sex. I would say anyone over twelve would enjoy these books.This book concludes the fight of good vs. evil that started in book one. This book is larger than life. The books have a big sweeping storyline that does not slow down or drop off in this the final book. The magical creatures really come to life and get fleshed out very well and there are a lot more of them in this book. The author does a great job in telling this story. I like the fact that he never strayed from the main story. He never gets sidetracked. T... morehere are a lot of different characters throughout the whole series that change constantly. They are there for a little bit and then they are gone. But it makes it much more interesting that way. The story finishes in a great way. It is an appropriate ending to this series.The whole series was very well written and had an excellent plot. I have this author on my goodreads list and will be keeping an eye out for future books.
review 2: I couldn’t have asked for a better ending to this trilogy. This book has it all from bloody battles to mental challenges. Hayden has to defeat his own brother who has turned into an evil wizard. What is better than that pitting brother against brother? Once again MR Mathias can be a little heavy on the details and yet still not get real in depth with the story. That has been and is my only criticism. Sometimes the story gets lost in the details. But this is a fitting final saga. The story unfolds well and it moves along at a good clip. There are still a lot of details but I don’t think the story gets overwhelmed in this book.The book is long and may look intimidating. But if you have read the first two (which I recommend) you will know they are a pretty fast read once you get into them. I have taken days to make up my mind on how to rate this book. I kept going back and forth between four and five stars. What finally persuaded me to give it the five stars was how it ended. It really left no loose ends and everything was done. It did not end on a bad note but rather it ended in a very positive way. So here it is five stars. less
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loved the series, the book ended a bit abruptly for my liking but overall, enjoyed them.
Very enjoyable. Good fantasy with all the bells and whistles.
Kinda sorry it's done.
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