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The Elegance Of The Hedgehog (2008)

by Muriel Barbery(Favorite Author)
3.7 of 5 Votes: 3
1933372605 (ISBN13: 9781933372600)
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review 1: Este libro es tan hermoso. Me encanta que puedes ver lo similares que son Renne y Paloma. Es un libro cambiante o como el libro describiría es una camelia, por que conforme vas conociendo a los personajes tu manera de pensar sobre ellos cambia, y no dejas de ponerte felices o triste con su historia. Paloma para mi fue un ejemplo a seguir. Me identifique mucho con ella por que ambas convivimos con puros adultos. No hablare del final puesto que fue muy triste para mi.
review 2: This book took a long time to hook me. I realized halfway through that perhaps because of the nature of the translation (and perhaps because of the incredible erudition of the text), it read like a novel in French. The word order, the choice of vocabulary, all of it left me with the sam
... moree brain ache that reading a lot in a foreign language does.That said, I kept reading because it was highly recommended to me, spent a long time on the best-seller list, and because it is rare for me to read something so challenging. A book that spends pages upon pages waxing eloquent on philosophy, which frequently uses words I don't know, and which describes highly intelligent, well-cultured people... this was a book I felt morally obligated to finish, and I'm glad I did.I was NOT expecting the ending (mild spoiler alert). I was so pleased, 10 pages before the end, to discover that the book was going to have a sweet, heartwarming ending, nothing at all like what I was expecting from the rest of the book. And then it was all swept out from under my feet with that ending. I made it through Renee's chapter okay, but Paloma's conclusion had me in tears, because it perfectly summed up all the things I fear about death. The way it hurts those left behind more than the one who dies. The fear that my own loved ones will suffer when I die, but also the crushing sense of dread that envelops me when I imagine my life without some of the important people in my own life.. I try not to think about it too much, but the book drew it out just long enough to make you feel the sting and really think about death and what it means.A good book. It's one of the few books that make me feel proud for having read it. I think a second read-through with a kindle (instant word definitions) will definitely be warranted in the future. less
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Muriel Barbery:" Quiçá estar vivo também seja isto: perseguir instantes que morrem"
I wanted to give it 4 or 5 stars but can't quite do it.
Quiet book with quick and witty women.
good, but very slow pace
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