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Black Widow #1 (2014)

by Nathan Edmondson(Favorite Author)
4.09 of 5 Votes: 4
Marvel Comics
All-New Marvel Now Black Widow
review 1: I didn't expect to like this because I thought it would be similar to Hawkeye (which I wasn't a fan of), but I really enjoyed reading it. For me, Black Widow's the perfect mix of action and character development. I think it also helped that I'm a huge fan of all the Nikita movies and TV shows so this story of a lady super-spy looking for redemption was right up my alley. I definitely want to pick up volume two.
review 2: This series reminded me of Matt Fraction's "Hawkeye" in that Edmondson is portraying what the Black Widow does in her time off from the Avengers, but it lacks the humor and humanity in "Hawkeye". The dialogue is a little stiff, and the characterization was mediocre (no amount of panels will get me to believe that the Black Widow would not char
... morege the best possible price for a job). It would also be refreshing to see Natasha interact more with people she's not trying to kill. She may be extremely distrustful of people and adept at deception, but that's exactly what would make "normal" conversations so interesting. less
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Ongoing series / Amor profundo por Natasha Romanoff
Can't wait for more.
Loved it!
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