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Grifter, Vol. 1: Most Wanted (2012)

by Nathan Edmondson(Favorite Author)
3.05 of 5 Votes: 1
1401234976 (ISBN13: 9781401234973)
DC Comics
Grifter Vol. I
review 1: Very good debut and reboot for Grifter...the action, story, and characters weave this story into the backbone of New 52, including Red Hood and the Outlaws, Teen Titans, JLI, and a few more. Grifter is not your average Wanted Man: his goal is to BE wanted to take down an alien organization, the Daemonites, who have taken everything from him. Cole Cash, our hero's human form, is Ex-Special Ops, has experience in weaponry, and must fight for his life as the Daemonties and his brother chase him from New Orleans to Seattle to the Himalayas. This exciting and thrilling volume collects Grifter: Most Wanted issues 1-8, featuring Green Arrow and Stormwatch, with Cafu on artistic duty. Enjoy!
review 2: I should state that my first experience with Grifter came in the Fla
... moreshpoint storyline, so I had very little knowledge of him/character. I thought this would be a good place to start, as I've been trying to read every title that came out of the New 52 movement. While there is potential to this character, it's just very ho-hum writing and lots of clichés trying to set him up as a loner on a mission...been there, done that, yawn. I did like the crossover into Green Arrow turf, but I would have enjoyed more of that, and every time they introduced a character, it felt like there was almost no time to develop their story. Heck, I feel like they didn't really introduce Cole/Grifter all that well either. Time will tell I suppose, but I didn't feel like this title held up nearly as well as others from the New 52. less
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This was awful, which is a shame since I love Nathan Edmondson.
An extra star for the appearance of The Midnighter!
See Sam's thorough review.
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