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Viuda Negra: Los Delicados Hilos De La Telaraña #1 (2014)

by Nathan Edmondson(Favorite Author)
4.09 of 5 Votes: 2
Panini Comics España
review 1: WOW this was awesome. Outside of the thematically repetitive final chapter from All New Marvel Now this trade was basically perfect. I knew next to nothing about Black Widow beforehand and felt totally at home and in the loop here. Her mission is clear, emotions and personality consistent, attitude fantastic. The art was also astounding- absolutely no cheesecake! This wasn't funny but it definitely had an entertaining edge. I could read this over and over again. Four stars for the story, five stars for the art and five stars for being an original, not convoluted Marvel book about an occasional Avenger. Just clean and steady and excellent comic writing and drawing. Also- the indestructible man is creepy. And the lack of a massive plot here is a GREAT thing. They're not one ... moreShots but they aren't dependent on a massive continuity backlog of 80 other issues. Reminds me of the big Punisher trade I read this year in that way- it consistently characterizes a popular character and takes great pains to not alienate the new reader. More books should be like this.
review 2: Jeg har ikke de bedste erfaringer med Mavel comics, og var derfor meget spændt på, om jeg ville kunne lide denne. Det kunne jeg dog heldigvis!Black Widow var en fantastisk hovedperson, og jeg elskede virkelig at følge med i hendes historie og arbejde.Derudover kunne jeg ret godt lide historierne, som var virkelig fyldt med spænding, og gjorde således at jeg bare måtte læse videre.Illustrationerne var som sådan okay. Jeg hadede dem ikke, men jeg var heller ikke vildt begejstret for dem. Dog synes jeg egentlig, de passede meget godt til denne comic.Jeg skal uden tvivl læse mere med Black Widow. less
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Fairly boilerplate spy stuff hugely elevated by Noto's art.
you cant tell her nothing
good story, favorite art.
Good, not great.
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