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A Light In The Dark (2000)

by Nathan Lowell(Favorite Author)
3.94 of 5 Votes: 5
review 1: I always enjoy Nathan's writing, but this felt a bit rushed. Like there was too much story for the short format. I know it's a setup for a series, but I did feel it hopped to fast from one event to the next, which is definitely not what I'd usually expect from this writer.I'm also still deciding what I think about what the Captain did - which I won't mention for spoilers - to another character, and wondering if that will come back to bite him in the ass.
review 2: A Light in the Dark is a novella by Nathan Lowell and takes place in his Golden Age of the Solar Clipper series. While not strictly a part of the Trader Tales series, it stems from a few paragraphs in Captain's Share and tells the tale of how Oden's Outpost came to be.I read this one lazy Sunday after
... morenoon while I was nursing a sour tummy on the couch, and really that's the best way to enjoy a story of this length. It's just long enough to engage you (and take your mind off what ails you) but not too long to finish reading in an afternoon.As with most of his works, Mr. Lowell fills this story with great characters, rich world building, and well paced plotting. You discover who these people are quickly and if some of the details of their back-story are missing that's actually a plus. I like the fact that the reader isn't given all the gory details of what's going on behind Captain Bjorn Gunderson's back, if it means we get to know him well enough to understand why he does what he does about it.I liked this story a lot, and I'm looking forward for more of these nommy nibbles from Mr. Lowell in the future. less
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Yay, a new Golden Age story! As I read it, I could hear Nathan Lowell narrating it in my head.
Not his best work. That being said, I hope we'll see more stories about Odin's Outpost.
Short book set in the same era as the Solar Clipper series.
Good enough sci-fi. I'd buy this author again.
All that excitement!! :)
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