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Just Ducks! (2012)

by Nicola Davies(Favorite Author)
3.72 of 5 Votes: 5
0763659363 (ISBN13: 9780763659363)
review 1: I really enjoyed the illustrations of this book. The pictures were bright and bold and made the pages come alive with their two page spreads. This would not be a book that I would read aloud to a class because the book had a general story line but then it also had small texts facts about ducks that would be much easier to read and follow along in small groups or self read. The story line itself was a little boring as it went through the day to day activities of ducks such as, swimming, eating, quacking and showing off their feathers. I think this book would be appropriate for second through fourth graders.
review 2: I liked how this book was a children's story, but it also provided an opportunity for them to learn something about creatures that they will se
... moree a lot of the time. The little definitions at the bottom of each page will really help children to understand what they are reading. There is also an index at the back of the book where they can look up each work if they need to. The illustrator chose to paint in watercolor which I think was completely perfect. Great book! less
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Gorgeous but simple illustrations about ducks! So informative...
Love the mix of fiction and nonfiction. Wonderful.
Nice mix of a story and facts about ducks.
This is simple and informative.
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