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Cartier Cartel (2009)

by Nisa Santiago(Favorite Author)
4.49 of 5 Votes: 3
193415718X (ISBN13: 9781934157183)
Melodrama Publishing
Cartier Cartel
review 1: Another action packed series from Nisa Santiago! Although Cartier gre up without much, she knew how to swindle & get paid. She & her friends had an elaborate scheme for getting money. After the brutal beating of one of the crew, the team divides & nothing is the same. After taking the charge for a crime she did not commit, her life changed dramatically. This book was definitely a page turner filled with surprises. To read part 2 to see what happens next.
review 2: Hmm, this book was a mix of everything---theft, drugs, murder, jail, and of course hood romance and I liked it..It was interesting to read about the Cartel and their members and without much description (this is one of the only urban reads where there was not an outrageous amount of label dropping an
... mored fashion) and I appreciated it, this book kept it straight up real..Okay so this tells the story of basically two best friends Cartier and Monya and how they grew up, formed a crew with three other girls and ran the streets of Brooklyn..until the streets caught up with them..Growing up together since childhood as their mothers were best friends Cartier and Monya did everything and when poverty and the want for the finer things in life got the best of them they decided to make things happen and began with simple shoplifting, taking off clothing sensors and petty larceny..things went well but the money came too slow and ambitious Cartier decides the next move for her crew is to hustle drugs like the dudes..From there you can see the division of the crew, how Cartier becomes bossy and disrespectful to the others and how Monya goes from the shy follower to a woman jealous and hellbent on becoming something by herself..As the drug game gets popping the girls also get haters and one significant threat that takes the crew down with a sad chain of events that ends with Cartier doing a seven year bid..For the realness of the book I did like it, it was fast paced, informative and just drama on top of drama..I really liked Bam, hated Monya and Jason and thought Cartier really grew up at the end of the novel..will definitely be reading the next book, what in the world can happen now?... less
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This was a great book..Cartier learned a hard lesson,Keep your eniemies close bt yr friends closer.
I loved the book it just seemed to drag on tho. Other than that a definite must read
Good book these chicks did it all...can't wait to read pt2.
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