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The Professionals (2012)

by Owen Laukkanen(Favorite Author)
3.67 of 5 Votes: 3
0399157891 (ISBN13: 9780399157899)
Putnam Adult
Stevens & Windermere
review 1: This book starts off like a caper. Four recent college graduates are having a hard time finding jobs so they decide to kidnap reasonably wealthy men that they think can afford to "lose" the 60 thousand dollars they demand in ransom. When they collect the money they return the victim unharmed. They inevitably pick the wrong victim and things get a lot darker from then on. Clever plot with a lot more than meets the eye at first glance.
review 2: As President Obama says there is nothing wrong with an art history degree but it may not earn a good living. A couple of recent college grads find their liberal arts degrees in exactly that situation, so they join forces with a computer geek, a friend and turn to low level kidnappings to earn a living. These four cont
... moreemporary urban, robin hoods pick wealthy targets who won't miss the small amount of ransom money. Until they unsuspectingly target a mob family and everything spirals out of control . Debut author Owen Laukkanen has created two very intriguing law enforcement characters in Kirk Stevens and FBI agent Carla Windermere who along with the mob, are tracking down the kidnappers. This is a fast paced, escapist read that moves rapidly from Detroit to Florida and back to Detroit. A second book is in the works, I can't wait. less
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Poorly visualized characters, unlikely plot, poorly written. Gave up on this book around page 25
Excellent. Dark. Love the author's ability to make bad guys empathetic.
An interesting novel, well plotted and well paced. A good read.
Requested from CD's from CPL on 12-1-14
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