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The Sunday Morning Wife (Peace In The Storm Publishing Presents) (2010)

by Pamela D. Rice(Favorite Author)
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0981963196 (ISBN13: 9780981963198)
Peace in the Storm Publishing
review 1: I can't begin to explain! This book was an amazing read from start to finish. The author evoked raw emotions through sharing the pain that Yolanda endured as she was subjected to abuse. What amazed me was that even though Yolanda committed sins that made her just as guilty, there was still room for her to grow, see the errors of her ways, and bask in the goodness and mercy of our great heavenly Father. This book keeps you on edge and at the end you are completely satisfied with how God works things out. Truly a must read, I finished it in one day!
review 2: I have to give "The Sunday Morning Wife" a measly 3 stars because I feel that Rice's writing was average. There was nothing shocking or remotely interesting about the story. I felt that there would be m
... moreore to it based on the synopsis, but the text itself really bored me and I found myself skipping over sections of the book in an effort to finish the damn thing. The novel was marketed as contemporary Christian fiction, and I guess Rice succeeded at that goal. She wrote a "Christian" novel about a taboo topic.I found the characters shallow, underdeveloped, and unrealistic to be quite frank. It's simple chick lit. And definitely not a favorite book. Rice had a great topic and interesting plot, and I just don't think she did enough to convey Yolanda's progress or the relationships between Vicki and Timothy, Vicki and Andre, and Yolanda and Andre. I hate reading a novel that has the makings to be a perfect novel, but the author fails to execute that greatness. It always feels like a waste to me. Additionally, Peace in the Storm Publishing needs to find better editors, preferably individuals who have taken more than 2 college-level English literature courses. The sections in the novel that depicted "conversations" were not separated...it was just terrible. Learning how to write conversational text is so easy - one can find those creative writing courses at his/her local community college for $60. less
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this was a very good book, makes you think of what really goes on in the pastors home.
One has to learn to forgive them self first; the accept the forgiveness of God.
Very emotional book that I really enjoyed and recommend.
Full review at my blog.
I loved it!!
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