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Assumption (2011)

by Percival Everett(Favorite Author)
3.48 of 5 Votes: 5
1555975984 (ISBN13: 9781555975982)
Graywolf Press
review 1: Compelling and enjoyable read, but the kind of book that leaves more questions than answers, which will just be frustrating for some readers. The kind of book that you want to read again and pick apart, looking for clues and meaning. Where as soon as things start to look a bit skewed, you start examining the text a bit closer, and start thinking about how assumptions - by the characters and by the reader - really mark the text.
review 2: Assumption left me haunted by its conclusion, which shouldn't be surprising given Everett's penchant for pushing the boundaries in his novels. Assumption is really three short stories centered around the main character, a deputy sheriff in a small, seemingly-quiet New Mexico town. The murder mysteries that follow, at their surf
... moreace, seem almost cookie-cutter, but Everett is a master at quirking things up, with conclusions that are equal parts unsettling and despair-inducing. less
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Unexpected. Hooked me though. Really three distinct parts; not sure how they are linked.
A different take on murder mysteries, well worth a read.
I have a new author to add to my list of favorites.
I love this book, but the ending messed me up.
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