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The Northern Clemency (2008)

by Philip Hensher(Favorite Author)
3.41 of 5 Votes: 2
0007174799 (ISBN13: 9780007174799)
Fourth Estate
review 1: I read close to 400 pages before skimming the rest of the book (it is around 600 pages). Hensher's style is ornate and he is excellent at creating a sense of place with detailed descriptions of middle class lifestyles (including the wallpaper). I found reading the book was becoming a chore. It was slow moving and there was not much forward momentum with the plot. The characters were average British people in the 1970s and 1980s and their problems were fairly typical. I wanted to read a book that gave more insight into life in the UK under Thatcher and the changes in society and politics. The political situation was fairly removed from the characters and even the miners' strike didn't enliven things. The style and tone was reminiscent of great Victorian novelists but witho... moreut the accompanying memorable characterization and interesting plots. Not a bad book but if it was about 200 pages shorter it would have been more palatable (and I like to read long, descriptive books so this was well within my comfort zone).
review 2: Het verhaal van twee families (buren) gedurende een jaartje of dertig. En poeh, wat was het lastig om er doorheen te komen. Geen van de personages was gelukkig. En de schrijfstijl en opmaak waren dramatisch: een boek van ruim 700 bladzijden leest prettiger als het méér dan vier hoofdstukken heeft, als de bladzijden nog íets van marge hebben en als de lettertjes niet zo verdomd klein zouden zijn. less
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Poor Tim. If only he could have just become a nice, well-adjusted herpetologist.
Four stars for the book and the fifth for the memories
Loved this:)
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