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Una Llama Misteriosa (2009)

by Philip Kerr(Favorite Author)
4.07 of 5 Votes: 4
8498676622 (ISBN13: 9788498676624)
Bernard Gunther
review 1: As an avid reader, I get immense satisfaction (and a little sad) at finishing a great book. I didn't get that feeling when I finished A Quiet Flame, because such a feeling is impossible knowing that much of the "fiction" in Phillip Kerr's excellent Bernie Gunther series is actually true. The story stretches from pre-war Germany to 1950 Buenos Aires, where is seems that the horrors of Nazi Germany would never end. I can never digest large portions of Kerr's books, they're just too heavy for large consumption, but I heartely ate up the last 150 pages over the past two days. Kerr is a master story-teller, who makes the imagination of Argentina and Germnay very easy. Gunther is still the "Nazi" with a heart of gold, although he wouldn't say that was true of himself. I may read... more a few other books in the meantime, but I will happily pick up the next Bernie Gunther novel, If the Dead Rise Not; I already own a copy!
review 2: Took me a long time to complete this book, as I read on my Kindle primarily at lunch time at work. Recently have been more distracted during lunch, just taking small bites of the book and that may have led somewhat to the lesser enjoyment in this series that has always been something to look forward to for me. Also, I had previously listened to the audio versions of the book, but that wasn't available at the library.But also thrown into the mix are the fact that Bernie Gunther is no longer in Berlin. Falsely accused of war crimes, Bernie flees Germany and is now in Buenos Aires under a false identity. But he's not as well-hidden as he thinks, and with his reputation as a first-class police detective, he's soon roped into investigating the brutal death of a young woman that resembles the work done by a serial killer back in Berlin.There was too much traveling back and forth in time from the current case in Argentina to several years earlier in Berlin, and the large number of different characters from each scenario made it hard to keep track of who was who, especially when reading small amounts at a time. less
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good. I like Kerr. can be a bit over the top but I suppose the SS was a bit over the top
not as satisfying to me as the earlier books set in berlin
Excellent again. He is a superb writer.
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