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Mr. And Mrs. Bunny—Detectives Extraordinaire! (2012)

by Polly Horvath(Favorite Author)
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0375867554 (ISBN13: 9780375867552)
Schwartz & Wade, Random House Children's Books
The Bunny's
review 1: Read this with my 6-year old daughter. Once again I think she was a little young for it - plus I don't think this book worked well for being read aloud. That being said it was quite fun at times and I think if she read it to herself in a couple years from now she would have really enjoyed it - especially the bit about hippy parents who are kind of clueless. (Maybe a little too close to home? We aren't clueless but we do share some similar views.)
review 2: Think Matilda meets The Fantastic Mr. Fox. (And yes, I just combined two Dahl books; sue me.) The story opens with a lot of gratuitous, frankly insulting hippy bashing, wherein the self-centered parents are less condemned than the beliefs themselves (OMG, caring about unions and local produce! THE HORROR!); i
... moret left such a sour taste in my mouth that I nearly quit reading twenty pages in. But once the parents were out of the picture (kidnapped by foxes) and their daughter met up with the hapless but well-meaning Mr. and Mrs. Bunny, things began to improve. By the end I found the story to be quite charming, even though the plot never actually made any sense and things go rather seriously over-the-top more than once. Nevertheless, I came to like the world with its silly hats and universal Old Spaghetti Factories. Lightly recommended, though if you're like me, you'll have to grit your teeth through the opening. less
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Silly but cute. If you listen to the audiobook prepare yourself for a lot of lisping.
What cute and clever book. Highly recommended.
Odd little story, but entertaining.
Odd but thoroughly engaging :)
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