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Mr. And Mrs. Bunny--Detectives Extraordinaire! (2014)

by Polly Horvath(Favorite Author)
3.71 of 5 Votes: 1
0375865306 (ISBN13: 9780375865305)
The Bunny's
review 1: Madeline lives with her hippie parents on a remote Canadian island. When she arrives home one day, they are missing; the only clue to their disappearance is a threatening note signed by “The Enemy.” Meanwhile, world-famous rabbit chef Franny Fox has died. Because her recipes are all written in secret code, the plans to make millions by mass-producing and selling them to the Fox Community are all but foiled. The only one capable of decoding them is Madeline’s Uncle Runyon. And the only people who know his whereabouts are Madeline’s parents. Enter a gang of Fox kidnappers.Luckily, Madeline discovers that she can understand animal languages and she meets Mr. and Mrs. Bunny. The rabbits have recently decided to become detectives and they take the case. This cute sati... morere will have you wishing that you could speak “rabbit,” too!
review 2: Madeline's hippy parents are kidnapped by foxes who demand her decoder uncle's location so that he can translate secret recipes for them. Madeline sets off for her uncle, only to find him slipping into a coma. Don't worry, he is quite looking forward to it. Enter Mr and Mrs Bunny, who have recently decided to be detectives. They have, after all, read lots of mystery novels. Their first suspect? The butler. Luckily, Madeline is fortunate enough to understand bunny speak as well as Marmot. This was a madcap and quite silly little book. There were some amusing parts, but I was rolling my eyes at many of the capers and there a few bits and references I think would go over elementary students' heads. I could be wrong. I am looking forward to discussing it with my battle of the books kids. less
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cute with some nice vocabulary strewn throughout. I picture William Shatner as Mr. Bunny.
Read in school during summer reading program to my class. Entertaining.
this is a great book tottally recamend it
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