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Northward To The Moon (2010)

by Polly Horvath(Favorite Author)
3.53 of 5 Votes: 3
0375861106 (ISBN13: 9780375861109)
Schwartz & Wade Books
My One Hundred Adventures
review 1: This sequel to My One Hundred Adventures begins after Jane and her poet mother and her three little siblings and their new father Ned are about to leave Saskatchewan. Ned's job teaching French falls apart, despite his excellent teaching skills, when it becomes clear to the school board that he cannot in fact speak French. But it's okay, there's an adventure calling Jane –– one that includes running out of gas, finding a bag full of cash, avoiding wolves, meeting Ned's long-lost family, and trying to make it back to the little house on the sea shore in Massachusetts. Dreamy and wonderful, the only shortcoming to the novel is that Jane's adventure draws to a close.
review 2: I liked this sequel to My One Hundred Adventures, but suspect it is not for every
... moreone. Not much happens as Jane tries to make sense of her new stepfather's family. Ned is not particularly responsible, nor are any members of his family. Jane reports on a summer spent driving from northern Canada to the Nevada desert as Ned tries to find various family members--including his brother, who appears to be a bad magician and a thief, his sister who sees miraculous images on her food, and his mother who runs a crazy horse ranch. I happen to like eccentrics, and so I liked this. less
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A little bit of crazy fun. It helps to remember reading "My One Hundred Adventures".
This was a 4 star book for me until the last line. What the heck?
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