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Lord And Lady Bunny--Almost Royalty! (2014)

by Polly Horvath(Favorite Author)
3.72 of 5 Votes: 1
0307980650 (ISBN13: 9780307980656)
Schwartz & Wade
The Bunny's
review 1: More adventures of Madeline and Mr. and Mrs. Bunny! Madeline and her family end up in England running a small, not very profitable sweet shoppe. The Bunny’s also visit England so Mrs. Bunny can explore a new career option: being Queen! There are some very funny scenes on a cruise ship (animals also cruise, of course, unknown to the human occupants of the upper decks) but the funniest part has to be Mrs. Bunny’s book signing, where she is ruthlessly upstaged by a hugely popular (unnamed) author. Black and white line drawing illustrations add to the fun.
review 2: Like a good children's film this book has something there for little kids, big kids and their parents as well. The amount of laughing we have done in getting to know Mr. and Mrs. (following this
... more book they have new titles) Bunny is just amazing. It's a splendid choice to read aloud and if your older kid gives you any grief about the sweet little title or images of bunnies it is worth your time to bribe them to read at least one chapter. Following that they'll be hooked and you will always be the cool parent who introduced them to Polly Horvath and her incredible imagination. I'd go anywhere to be with Mr. and Mrs. Bunny again. less
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A very fitting sequel! Jam-packed with amusement!
Seriously adorable and hilarious.
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