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One Year In Coal Harbour (2012)

by Polly Horvath(Favorite Author)
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1554981883 (ISBN13: 9781554981885)
Groundwood Books
Coal Harbour
review 1: One Year in Coal Harbor is an extraordinary, clever, and cute story. It starts off about a Girl named Primrose whose parents were just found after being lost at sea. She has only one friend named Eleanor, who is frankly pathetic, until her good friends Evie and Bert foster a boy named Ked. You'll hear about how they become friends as well as love, and anger. And, if you're a cook, there are multiple cooking recipes at the end of each chapter. “The point I was trying to make was that everyone makes a friend eventually, Primrose.” is a very important quote because it shows that in the book (and in real life) that a friend will always come. See what happens to Ked and why the town is in such anger in "One Year in Coal Harbor" by Polly Horvath.
review 2: This
... morebook started out great. I read Everything on a Waffle recently, and it made me want to read more about Primrose (and try out all the recipes). When I found there was a sequel, I grabbed it immediately. At first, it was really funny, and I found myself laughing even more than in the first book. But then...I'm not sure exactly what happened. Maybe not enough, or maybe too much. There were lots of plot-lines, but I'd be hard pressed to find the central conflict. These are some of the things that happen: Bert and Evie get a new foster kid, who becomes friends with Primrose. THey try to write a cookbook. Primrose tries to get Jack and Bowzer together, which I had guessed would happen in the first book. Primrose's parents are back in town. Bowzer's ex is back in town, too, and trying to clear-cut a mountain. There aren't enough jobs in town...I could go on. There's random ones about a teacher, a cat book, etc. But despite all that was going on, somehow, I still found my mind wandering. And besides all that, the recipes were just tacked on to the end of each chapter (no 'recipe to follow' which I loved) and not a single one of them inspired me to cook. In fact, I can't remember a single one besides the disgusting-sounding baked potato with mini marshmellows. So, although this one started out with promise (and giggles), it quickly fell apart. So many storylines that no single one held my attention very well. Plus--bam! A dog got run over. I just about screamed out loud when it happened, because it just came out of nowhere and was pretty brutal. I know the first book didn't really sugarcoat things, but this seemed pointless to the plot of the book. Recommended for: People with large attention spans and fans of the first book (this one is worth reading if you loved the first).Objectionable content: gratuitous dog death. less
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I want Primrose to be real so we can have tea and chat...
I hated this book! Anyone who wants a bore, read this!
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