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The Collected Stories, The Legend Of Drizzt (2011)

by R.A. Salvatore(Favorite Author)
4.2 of 5 Votes: 2
0786961457 (ISBN13: 9780786961450)
Wizards of the Coast
review 1: I received this free from audible and all I can say is I'm quite glad I didn't spend any money on it.It's been a very long time since I read any D&D books, which might explain some of my lack of interest in this one. The short stories included feel like they are really intended to provide some additional background on characters the reader is already acquainted with. Unfortunately this wasn't the case for me and without this familiarity the majority of the stories felt like poorly written, fairly aimless tales.There might be something here for fans but it's not a good place to introduce new readers.
review 2: NOTE: This review is based on the Audible audiobook. Very uneven on both the story front and in terms of narration. I really, really enjoyed Wil Wheato
... moren, Felicia Day and Weird Al's narrations, but the lady who narrated the story that made Cattie Bree sound like an old crone and Ice T's over pronunciations and mispronunciations were too distracting for me to finish those stories. Same for the storylines, some were terribly interesting, others were terribly boring. Really enjoyed the origin story on Gwenyfair (sp), who has long been one of my favorite Drizzt companions. Also enjoyed the litch/dragons story, though it fizzled at the end, as well as the Bruenor story giving us a glimpse in his early life. Overall, I'm giving it a solid three stars. less
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Listened. Each story narrated by a different narrator, most of which did very well.
Favorites: "Guenhwyvar", "Dark Mirror", and "If Every They Happened Upon My Lair"
I loved it. The stories are great and the voice actors are excellent.
Free audible download. DNF
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