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Make Your Place: Affordable, Sustainable Nesting Skills (2009)

by Raleigh Briggs(Favorite Author)
4.04 of 5 Votes: 2
0978866568 (ISBN13: 9780978866563)
Microcosm Publishing
review 1: I love this book. I review it, have books marks, and have eventually adopted to have this book in my purse every time I go shopping. Literally everything you need in order to be financially and environmentally as well as health conscious. My skin is better, my diet is better, and I have a better focus on what I'm putting on my body as what I'm using to clean my home, clothes and pets. I love that there is also a section on how to garden. Anyway if it isn't obvious I love this book. It's fabulous.
review 2: This is my favorite kind of book, because it is a book that rather than simply giving you facts (although it gives on herbs, natural cleaning supplies, and gardening), it serves to inspire you to try to do things. The tone is hip without being patronizing an
... mored doesn't make anything seem too difficult, nor does it glorify making things from scratch. I will likely buy a copy of this book for myself, particularly since it's printed in Bloomington, the town I currently live in. less
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A cute simple starting out DYI book. I bought it for my teen daughter who may be moving out soon.
Great tips for making DIY, human and pet friendly cleaning supplies. Charming illustrations.
Crunchy: in the sweetest way possible.
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