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Crux (2013)

by Ramez Naam(Favorite Author)
4.09 of 5 Votes: 3
Angry Robot
review 1: Action-packed, plot twists and realistic possible future? Why not! I have to say this is one of thr best Science Fiction I have read so far! I loved how all the characters were scattered and thrn briught back together again. I really love how Kade grew to become more determined and how he grew to see that the problems of the world is more than himself. This is such a good series and it is also very scary because if Nexus really were to be a real thing then, our world will go to hell. Well, with that being said, I still would really want to try the Nexus drug and experience the connection. I think Nexus is like a book, it links up into your head and makes you see things that only you can see! I strongly, very strongly recommend this book to anyone who loves a good novel wit... moreh a great story line, humour, well crafted characters and action to read. If you don't read it, boy you don't know how much you're missing out. I cannot wait for Apex to be out!
review 2: Loved it! Wonderful biotech take on cyberpunk. The cover compares Ramez Naam's writing to Michael Crichton but I just don't see it. I think Ramez tells a better story. The only similarity I noticed was that they both feel like they're writing the screenplay for an action blockbuster mega flick. Lots of fun little moral quandary's such as the bad guy is doing terrible things for the sake of humankind as a whole and the good guy is doing bad in the name of his definition of good. I was actually rooting for the bad guy up until the point where the hero of the story mind rapes him and then a lethal commando she-spy blows his head off. Recommended if you like this sort of stuff. less
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Same clunky prose as Nexus, slightly fewer interesting ideas.
5.2 - Chemistry (Crux, Ramez Naam (Rn - radon))
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