5 Best Things to do in Bled, Slovenia

Slovenia is getting more and more popular, which can be seen, for example, when looking at the growing amount of tourists in Bled. Bled is a small city near the border with Austria. Most well-known by Lake Bled, a picturesque lake in which you can swim, row, kayak and many more. There are loads of things to do around Bled, but here are my ten recommendations!

1. Vintgar Gorge
Vintgar Gorge is a beautiful Gorge within a ten-minute drive from the city centre of Bled. The river the Radovna flows through the Gorge, which has crystal clear water. You can see every fish and every branch that’s in the water. At the end of the gorge, there is a waterfall, called Šum. You can swim in the water after the waterfall, but be aware, it is coooold! The walk through the Gorge is around two kilometres.

2. Rafting on the River Soča
The River Soča, also known as the Emerald Beauty is well-known for its beautiful Emerald coloured (which you might have guessed) water. Rafting is an amazing experience on the Soča, since it has calm parts in the river, in which you can swim and do some self-improvised diving from stones into the water. The Soča also has its wild parts, in which you train your muscles quite well while rafting.

3. Visit Bohinj National Park, Slap Savica.
Bohinj National Park has beautiful nature, especially the Slap Savica is beautiful. It costs some effort to get there, since the walk towards the waterfall is quite a climb, but the view is well worth it. Be sure to be cautious with your car while driving to the parking spot near the waterfall. The roads are quite narrow.

4. Visit Bohinj National Park, Lake Bohinj
Next to the famous Slap Savica in Bohinj National Park, an even more famous sight is Lake Bohinj. Lake Bohinj always looks like the big brother of Lake Bled to me but is just as beautiful. You can swim in Lake Bohinj, but be aware that it is colder than Lake Bled. You can also rent a boat, go kayaking and do some more sports over there. It is quite a popular spot, so be there early in order to get a parking spot!

5. Go chill at Lake Bled
If you want to chill, and just have a nice evening, act like the Slovenians living in Bled do themselves. Buy some drinks at the nearby supermarket, bring your towel, choose a nice seating place. I suggest going to the beach near Mlino, it is not as busy as by the city centre and the water is clear and warm.

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