Author love: Grace Lin

One of my favorite authors is Grace Lin. I love both her realistic novels like Year of the Dog as well as fantasy novels like Where the Mountain Meets the Moon. I love her picture books and early readers too. In short, I love all of her work!

(Clearly I am not a good writer since I can’t seem to find another word to describe how I feel except LOVE!!)

When I read her books, they just feel so cozy. everything is like a picture book come to life. Reading the Pacy Lin series feels like a warm hug or meeting an old friend to me, since I’m from Taiwan and I know exactly what she is referring to! When I read Starry River of the Sky, I feel like I’m in ancient China but it also feels like going on a journey with a young friend. I think I have read pretty much her entire work now, hehe. I will happily re-read them again and look for new releases!

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