Copied is not Inspired

A Thingiverse user named 3DGuyDubai (who has another account under his real name Tariq Ali) just doesn’t understand that people don’t like spam in their forums, especially when it’s posted 3 times. Nobody cares how steadily your subscriber count is climbing. After all, you know those people who follow motorsport for the crashes? Think about it.

Throw enough shit at the wall and some of it’s eventually going to stick… never mind the countless hours you’ll spend trying that instead of something legitimately productive.

Anyway, despite his past spam getting appropriately flagged and dealt with, to say nothing of him disabling ratings on his YouTube channel for the criticism of what was a fairly mediocre tutorial about making a plastic nut for a drone (discussions in the comments about the structural integrity of such a measure were deleted), Tariq is back again, only this time showing how unoriginal he is and wants everyone to ignore.

The video in question (which I’m only linking instead of embedding) shows him taking an image he found on Google of a cute wooden elephant clock, and shamelessly tracing it to make a kitchen accessory.

The original item in question is here. The owner also has an Etsy shop, and both locations have been duly notified as of the time of this writing. Tariq‘s response to this oversight on his part has been appropriately childish, worthy of the Just3DPrintIt crew, in all their hilarious ignorance of intellectual property rights.

“If you watch the video , it is clearly shown in the beginning that its inspired from that clock design, you got nothing better to do then look for where it was inspired from ? lol , sadly i myself have shown it in the beginning , funny you, try next time

Are you blind or you stupid? cant you see i have made a cutlery dryer & not a clock you idiot

Are you sure you have taken your medicine today? feel like you missed it. You talking all rubbish, total nonsense

HAHAHHAHAH,,,, you are really funny,, you better shut the fuck up & mind your own business

Thanks to your awesome comments,, my design is already trending in downloads on thingiverse :D… thank you so muchhhhh”

This is making his now-deleted tirade on the YouTube video’s comments look civil by comparison, and he was just telling everyone who downvoted the video to only print useless things. It’s funny how his punctuation gets worse the further along he goes. That’s actually the only funny thing about this. In light of the recent fiasco with Logan Paul‘s now-deleted “dead body” video not only getting past YouTube‘s algorithm and manual flagging program, but getting all the way to trending on the homepage, it’s obvious how low the bar is getting. Of course no one’s life should be ruined over a single mistake (and Logan Paul certainly isn’t hurting), but there needs to be accountability. This sort of rampant disregard for the well-being and wishes of others is what leads to legislation like Ajit Pai‘s repeal of Net Neutrality getting as far as it did. Big government steps in when a community fails to regulate itself.

Any asshole can GET subscribers, but the channels that get big and stay big reach that status by EARNING subscribers.

Minor UPDATE: the original maker contacted him via the comments, his response was…

“I got no issues giving you credit,, it was just that i didnt remember where i got that image from &”

Why do people think this is a legitimate excuse? You’ll find a far shorter list out there of countries NOT in agreement with the Berne Convention than those who incorporate it into their own IP laws.

“i got problems with that guys specially becoz he always have a lot of free time to unnecessary comment on my stuff .”

Don’t use me as an excuse for why you can’t be bothered to put more effort into your work. It’s bad enough that you think writing a comment that your design is plagiarized is the result of “a lot of free time”, without shifting blame for rushing through your projects without thinking about the basics, like respecting other people.

“What exactly you want me to write in the credits, tell me & i will add it happily.”

You know what happens when you give credit where credit is due? For starters, you don’t look like an asshole who takes the work of others for granted. Most importantly, people see you’re willing to network and cooperate with people, and that’s going to grow your channel more than any forum spam you could ever copy+paste.

Get your damn act together.


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