Beaches That May Not Be The Best Tourist Destination- IRL

Welcome to another edition of IRL, the feature which looks at an aspect of a game, film, TV show or otherwise and considers the real-world applications/implications such an aspect could have on the real world.

Today, with winter most definitely upon us, when better than to consider some of the beaches video games feature that could make for a memorable day out and provide a warmer place to thaw out those frozen toes.

Assassins Creed Black Flag- Caribbean Islands

 Kicking off the list are several beaches that don’t exist in just videogame fiction alone- Black Flag’s Caribbean islands. Black Flag’s vast open world allowed us to set sail and explore dozens of beaches for a variety of purposes. several were linked to main story quests or side quests, whilst a handful were home to exotic animals that could be hunted for their rare pelts necessary for new crafting upgrades. Sure, I felt bad for taking their innocent lives, but I did get a sweet bit of kit from doing so.

Let’s be honest, the main reason those beaches grabbed our attention, beyond the fact that to travel to each one we navigated the seas in our ships and undertook sea battles against the navy so ferocious that we’d make Blackbeard seem like a tame lion, was because the crystal blue waters surrounding each island, even down to the flora and wildlife and finding found on land, was graphically stunning. Three years on Black Flag still holds up as a gorgeous game and finding the hidden treasure on many of these islands was just the icing on the mutiny-filled cake that made us feel like true pirates.

This is one holiday destination that I’d happily travel too, even if it means I risk walking the plank.

It’s a pirate life for me.

Ratchet and Clank- Pokitaru Beach

Since the first Ratchet and Clank title was released over a decade ago, Insomniac has never been one to hold back on imaginative locations, treating us to dozens of planets with varying environments and eco-systems to date. The laws of probability state that somewhere along the line Ratchet and his robotic companion surely visited a beach, after all doesn’t this mighty duo deserve a holiday too?

Well visit a holiday resort, boasting a large beach to soak up some rays on, the duo did way back in the first adventure together on the PlayStation 2 and again recently on the current-gen remake/reboot of the first game. However, the R&R would have to take a step back for a moment, as upon their arrival Ratchet and Clank discover the resort overrun with a selection of hostile beasties to deal with before the resort can open again. Better get to work!

If you’re looking for a beachside resort with stunning views and more sun than the UK has ever seen in its history then this is the place for you. Rumour has it a certain fur ball and his tin sidekick have also helped deal with the wildlife problem, so now you’ve no reason not to kick back and relax, but best double check they have first- just in case.

I’d fancy a beach break after having to deal with this beastie too.

Dead Island- Royal Palm Resorts

Both Dead Island and the sequel, Dead Island Riptide, offered us beaches to explore that were filled with various holiday going attractions to enjoy and deep blue seas to splash around in. Let us take a stroll across the sandy beaches of the Royal Palm Resorts; there are bars, music, and countless celebrities wandering about too. Taking a holiday here will not only let you top up that tan, but you may even get the chance to be disemboweled and eaten by a famous popstar!

Yes, you read that last part correctly, Deep Silver decided to take a holiday resort on the beach and instead of keeping it as a tourist hotspot, they turned things upside down head and let all hell break loose. The zombie masses broke out and did what they did best, munching their way through any fresh meat (read: others on holiday) they could find or turned survivors in to one of their own. Things became less of a fight to get a picture with a star-studded celeb and more of a fight to stop them from having a quick nip on your brain. Still, on reflection, some of the poor victims were probably pretty braindead anyway.

If you’re looking for clear skies with a chance of dismemberment then Royal Palm Resorts is the place for you, otherwise it’s best to avoid this place like the plague; which coincidently is probably one of the diseases you’ll catch on your holiday here.

Photoshop a few zombies in to this picture and you’ll get a slightly more accurate representation.

Medal of Honor Frontline- Omaha Beach

Once upon a time before a certain Call of Duty or Battlefield became the big FPS released each year Medal of Honor stood tall with its virtual chest puffed out. Often nailing the historic WW2 time period, the series produced many successful titles, despite the fact that today you may scratch your head in confusion as to what this series of games was.

One of the most historic moments EA portrayed with gritty realism was the famous D-Day landings. As you progress through the levels your comrades are gunned down all around you, blood fills the water and explosions ring out from all sides, picture the start of Saving Private Ryan except you’re in control and not just watching Tom Hanks fight for survival. In terms of the feature, at the time period the game is set steering clear of this beach is highly recommended.

For the modern day however, it’s a real place that you can visit and take in some history and see the sacrifice that thousands of men made. A video game can only take you so far in to reality, but visiting this beach will let you witness with your own eyes some real-world history, or at least where it took place.

Thankfully the beaches aren’t occupied by such monstrosities these days.

Mario Kart- Peach Beach

 Bringing back some positivity to this feature is a game series that everyone adores; if they claim they don’t then it’s just because they end up getting blue shelled and ending up in 7th place with shame written all over their face.

Mario Kart has given us dozens of racetracks across a whole plethora of locations with one of its most colourful and charming tracks being Peach Beach. Peach Beach is one of the simpler courses Mario Kart games offer, the environment doesn’t have too many obstacles and the giant Cataquacks don’t prove too much of a challenge to maneuver around if you don’t let your mind (or vehicle) drift in to their paths.

The sun always seems to shine here and the locals are always welcoming, despite the fact you’re speeding through past their homes and spoiling their beach without a care in the world. This is one beach that would be worth visiting, even if just to watch the dozen racers having a blast as they zoom around corners with their tires screeching and green shells to hand. Just be sure not to set up your sun lounger on the racetrack.

If things really looked like this I imagine insurance premiums would be at an all time high.

So, there we have it folks, there are countless other beaches in video games we could visit, or steer well clear of, but there’s just a handful that came to my mind.  Whatever the case may be, going to the beach always means having an ice-cream and now that I think about it I’ve got some in the freezer. My kitchen may not be paradise island but at least it has that. Until next time guys and gals.

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