Disney Princess: Type 9

Type Nine – The Peacemaker

Easy-going, Agreeable, Stable, Complacent

Type Nine personalities have the basic desire to have an inner peace and stability. They want to avoid conflict, preserve peace, and protect against any negative or divisive change.



This princess and daughter of the chief displays all the great characteristics of a Peacemaker. Type Nines tend to exhibit characteristics of the other personality types. They are strong like Eights. Adventurous and playful like sevens.

Loyal like Sixes. Curious like Fives.


Beauty-seeking like Fours. Winsome like Threes.

Kind like Twos. And optimistic like Ones.

But they do tend to struggle with knowing and trusting their internal instincts.

So they seek help to gain a peace of mind and harmony with the world around them.

At the beginning, Pocahontas struggles with knowing whether she should marry Kocuom, which would maintain the harmony of her tribe and their traditions, or whether she shouldn’t, which would allow her to preserve her go-with-the-flow life.

In all situations, she seeks the most peaceful and stable situation, whether it is in her encounter with the strange men who came to her shores,

her encounter with the world around her,

or her encounter with the reactions of others.

She seeks and achieves her own inner strength and stability, which ends up spreading to all those around her.

In the end, her instinct points her in the direction of harmony and resolution for all.




Type Nines tend to be more passive then some other types. They are happiest when they don’t upset the status quo.

Briar Rose (Princess Aurora’s alias when raised in secret) is happy and content with her tiny cottage life.

She doesn’t pine for something else. She knows what she likes, and what she likes is living in harmony with the world around her.

Being respected as a grown woman.

“Oh dear, why do they still treat me like a child?”

And meeting the man from her dreams.

She tends to be a day dreamer, like Nines can be.

She has a sense of humor,

and is a very agreeable person.

She does happen to be one of the quietest princess, as she only speaks about 18 sentences. But hey. Quiet people are awesome.

Queen of Quiet

When Aurora finally falls under the spell of the long nap (lucky her),

Philip saves her from being used as the device to throw her kingdom into sorrow and chaos. And so, when this peace-and-joy-loving princess wakes up,

harmony and light is restored throughout her kingdom.




Faline (fuh-LEEN) is not often thought of as a Disney Princess because, well, she’s a deer. But since she marries Bambi, Prince of the Forest, I say the Princess of the Forest is fair game for this list.

The story itself is a masterful art piece of song and animation depicting the seasons of life.

The focus of the story wasn’t quite so much character and character development,

but, with that said, the story presents realistic-feeling personalities. Faline is one such character. She has a spunky personality, and her boldness helps draw Bambi out of his timidity.

Faline has a since of humor, as demonstrates when she teases Bambi when they first meet.

She seeks harmony with the world around and runs from harmful discord, as they all do. She show characteristic of a healthy Nine in understanding herself. She knows what she wants

(aka Bambi)

and won’t be pushed into something different.

She has a spirited personality and and also desires life to remain the way it is. At peace with nature. Where you can grow up in the same woodland culture.

Fall in love.

And have children.

Faline chooses this life as Princess of the Forest, seeking a stronger, lasting peace for herself and for others.


*                   *                    *

When Nines are moving in a direction of growth and health, they well gain positive characteristics of lively, self-bettering Threes. (The Achiever. Tiana)

When Nines are stressed, they take on negative attributes of Sixes, such as being fearful and anxious. (The Loyalist. Rapunzel)

Peacemaker personality types can also be driven by the secondary motivations, called ‘wings’, of Eights (The Challenger. Merida) and/or Ones (The Reformer. Kida)

One thing’s for sure.

Nines are freaking awesome.

If you do not know your Enneagram personality, you can take a free test at 9types.com. You can read more about these different types at The Enneagram Institute.


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