El Nido Island Hopping – Tour A

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Day 2: Island Hopping – Tour A

Island hopping is certainly one of the most popular activities for tourists while in El Nido, so I definitely hopped on that bandwagon. There are 4 major tours simply called A, B, C, and D. I chose A & C after reading online that they were the best, and I was very happy with my choices!

We woke up bright & early to check out the town and have free breakfast at our hotel before our full day of excursions!

At 9am, we met up with our tour group and walked to the beach together. El Nido has set times and days for tours, so you’ll likely find many other tour groups on the beach.

Prior to boarding the boats, you’ll have the chance to rent some stylish aqua shoes from a local vendor for only 100 PHP, which I highly suggest you do because there are sharp limestones at some of the destinations! We also bought some waterproof phone cases and a pretty awesome waterproof bag, which I definitely plan to use for future trips.


The destinations for Tour A includes: Secret Lagoon, Small Lagoon, Big Lagoon, Shimizu Island, and 7 Commandos Beach.

First stop => Secret Lagoon

Crawling through the entrance to Secret Lagoon

Featuring one of our lovely tour guides