From A-Z

Hi Everyone

Been a while,  I have been neglecting this space, but will try to get back to it, as much as I can. Sharing my thoughts helps me offload and at times things sure do get heavy.

On a lighter note; Here is a list of things I can’t live without, in alphabetical order.

A – Accessories ( I am an accessory type of girl, you’re more likely to see me in bows & chokers than a pair of gold earrings)
B – Bible , My very own instruction manual to.. LIFE
C – Chocolate, Coffee, Cake & Coke (#Forever#Fat)
D – Data ( data struggles are real guys)
E – Eye Liner -Even on my most drab looking days, applying some eyeliner makes me look semi -alive. Its my ultimate make up weapon and simply – the only product I actually know how to apply.
F – Family, Friends Faith & Facial products ( Ladies – Cleanse, Tone, Moisturize like your life depends on it)
H – Husband, Cant live with him, cant live with out him (lol) AND my hair iron/hair dryer of course
I – Indian Food. You can take me on a culinary journey around the world, but home made curries will always be my comfort food. I am that type of person that will cook Indian food everyday  and then still choose a Bunny Chow when we order take outs (Can’t take the Indian outta me)
J – JESUS at the centre of it all
K – Kids. MY Kids – What would life be without Ethan and Blake anyway. They ARE my Life
L – Lip Gloss, OBVIOUSLY

M – Money. Money is the root of all evil, but in the world today, you actually need money to survive ($$$)
N – Nail polish (also my quick cheat when I am too lazy to dress up, draw attention to the nails and away from the shabby outfit)
O – Oxygen (Oviaaaaas)
P – Prayer
Q – Quiet Time (sometimes 5 minutes is all I get, but even a minute of absolute silence is needed for my sanity)
R – Ring ( Wedding ring, I feel bare without it… ) To be honest, my wedding ring still doesn’t fit post-partum, but I substitute it with any other ring on the finger until I can re-size it or even better lose some weight.
S – Sunblock & Self Love
T – Technology, as much as I hate to admit it, technology is part of our everyday lives, we are constantly busy on our cellphones, tablets, laptops. We use Google like there is no tomorrow and quite frankly not many of us can live without technology.
U – Uniqueness -That little bit of individuality that sets me apart from the rest. Why fit in when I can stand out
V – Vision, What is the actual point of living if there is no vision, plan and road-map to it?
W – Water (Water is life yo!)
X – X Factor – Just like being unique, that special quality that makes me.. ME
Y -YOLO Not so much the phrase/expression but rather the attitude behind it. YOU ONLY LIVE ONCE.. Do what it takes to make the most of your life, you only get one chance at it, but if you do it right, then once is enough
Z – I should have changed the Subject to “From A – Y….”

So what is on your list that you cannot live without? Can you identify with anything on mine? Share with me