Love Animals: Saving Public Data w Public Call

My inspirational person of the week: Russ Kick **An ordinary citizen. An extraordinary person. Let’s assist as he does our bidding.** Kick recently started Why? “The USDA’s Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service recently pulled down tens of thousands of documents about animal welfare. I’ve reposted several thousand annual reports from 1999 to 2007.” –Russ Kick Kick saw it coming and began uploading information before USDA’s website could delete it.  However, he still has some gaping holes.  Kick is looking to the rest of us to fill those gaps.  Got Info?  Send it his way. Learn more about how he did it at Motherboard: “Whenever there are documents that were online, but got pulled offline, they’re automatically important,” said Russ Kick.”Nobody’s going to go through the trouble to delete something that doesn’t matter.” Kick did something similar in 2004, using the FOIA to retrieve photos of flag draped caskets holding the bodies of soldiers who died on our country’s behalf during the Iraq War. News outlets couldn’t do it. But he did. Share this:
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