Meme of the Week #30: Famous People Are Writers, Too

We might be in a new “Golden Age” for television and acting but let’s not forget that all these famous actors are reading lines…written by writers. Today, let’s take a moment to celebrate writers!

After all, there have been plenty of examples of writers who have graced magazine covers:

And writers who reached celebrity status: – Hemgingway (left) and Arthur Miller (right) with then-wife Marilyn Monroe

But, there are also many famous people who have also become successful writers because that was one of their many childhood dreams they hoped to accomplish.

Look at Tom Hanks, for example, who just came out with a collection of short stories (presumably written on one of his beloved typewriters):

and B.J. Novak who has written several books (including this popular one for children):

and, of course, Steve Martin who has written a wide assortment of books and plays and scripts on all sorts of interests ranging from art to banjo to Americana:

Even the indie band Decemberists frontman Colin Meloy has created a popular children’s book series – the Wildwood Chronicles (his wife Carson Ellis is the illustrator).

If you start paying attention, you might realize that beyond these multitalented stars there are also quite a few famous people who are not-s0-secretly big fans of literature and writing.

Still don’t believe me?

Watch Tom Hiddleston (a Classics major at the University of Cambridge) explain the difference between Horror films and Gothic Romance in this 2015 clip:

So, the next time you say you don’t like reading/writing but love [fill in the blank other media], think about whether writers might be behind this form of pop culture too!



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