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Semillas Amargas (2013)

by Ian Tregillis(Favorite Author)
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Milkweed Triptych
review 1: A very entertaining read – though it took me a while to get into – it is an alternate WWII featuring Cthulu monsters and the Nazis efforts to create a supernatural fighting force. A noirish feel to the plot that I enjoyed – I was trying to decide till late in the book if this was a “secret history” ala tim powers where the supernatural events play out and help explain the backstory of the actual historical events, with all manner of obscure historical events fitting together like puzzle pieces to create a new way to view the whole event consistent with all the fantasy additions. By the end of the book it was clear that history had diverged from the actual events of WWII – so this is an alternate history. (I was a little disappointed that this is how it went)... more I also had a hard time figuring out which nazi superman was which and following all the multisyllabic german words. Finally I wished that one of the main and most important characters wasn’t such a cipher in terms of her motivations – which remained very fuzzy till the end. Maybe it will all become clear in the sequel.Two thumbs up.
review 2: I wanted to like this, it was an easy read that kept me going; I'm surprised by how quickly I finished it. I'm surprised because the concept doesn't do much for me (I read it for a book club), and the only character that really piqued my interest is Gretel, who we never really see much of (and maybe if we did, she wouldn't be such an interesting character).The other significant flaw is that there is no ending. Okay, WW2 comes to an end, but I'd much rather have that ongoing and had some closure for the main characters. It's pretty clear though that the end is open because the author was planning on a sequel. And I hate that.Okay, the lack of closure would have been better if the story had interested me, and I wanted to read the next one. All in all, I think this might have been an enjoyable book if I was more into the concept, so if it sounds like your kind of thing, go for it. less
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Badly written WWII/Nazi superscience fetish. I can't remember why I bought this.
Good enough to get me to read the other too. Enjoyed the series
Gretel es el mejor personaje que he leído.
Gaidu otro un trešo daļu..
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