My Week in Nails

Friday, Friday, Friday, Friday! Yay, Yay, Yay!!

Yep, that’s me, singing my usual Friday Song. As songs go, it’s not much. But, you know, it’s Friday. And any way we can celebrate a Friday is a good thing. It’s like a little holiday at the end of every week. And this Friday is even lovelier because it’s bang in the middle of a nice, long holiday weekend.

I hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving! Ours didn’t go exactly as planned because our daughter is sick. She caught a virus, and was feeling poorly just in time for the holiday. My husband and I were still able to grab a quick lunch with some of our dear friends, but it wasn’t the fun-filled day we had planned. That’s not a bad thing, though. We are still cocooning inside our house together — lots of laughter and smiles. The weather is gorgeous today, so I’m hoping to tempt my husband into a walk later this afternoon.

I went a little bit crazy during the October Polish Pickup sale, and most of what I purchased was blue. And you know how I love me some blue polish. It’s my happy color, for sure. I decided to do an all-blue week this week. (Well, mostly all-blue. My Thanksgiving manicure was a gorgeous island of brown in my blue manicure sea. How poetic — ha, ha!) Anyhow … on with the weekly manicure extravaganza!

I started out my week with Ever After, Wolfsbane. This polish was inspired by the werewolf, and it was part of my October Polish Pickup order. This is such a gorgeous, deep, and magnificent blue, and the little hints and flashes of turquoise or aqua give it the loveliest extra detail . I loved seeing it on my nails. Ugh! Soooo pretty!!

Next, I wore Polish M, I Wear My Head on My Sleeve. This beauty was also part of my Polish Pickup Order. It was inspired by the Headless Horseman, and it is BOOM (!!) — Fantabulous. It is so electric and sizzling and electric and amazing. It really seems to sizzle right off the nail. I love how bright and amazing this is. It was such fun seeing it on my nails. I kind of didn’t want to take it off, but I wanted to get through even more of my blues.

Next up … Blush Lacquers, Not Your Average Seahorse!! Yet another October Polish Pickup beauty. Nail peeps on the inter webs are kinda raving about this particular polish. And for good reason! It is magical. Just magical. This was inspired by the Percy Jackson version of a hippocampus. It is navy blue and color shifty and flakey and just … all the things. There is something so watery and “mermaid-y” about this polish. If I had a hippocampus, it would be exactly this color. Exactly.

In the midst of my week ‘o’ blues, there was this magnificence that is harvest-y and gold and pink and brown and just … spectacular. This was my Thanksgiving manicure, sort of. This is Moonshine Mani, Be Giving. It’s in 3 coats on its own for index and ring finger, and 1 coat over OPI, Midnight in Moscow on middle finger and pinky. I forgot to take a picture of my actual Thanksgiving manicure. For my actual manicure, I wore this glitter over Midnight in Moscow for all my fingers. It was spectacular! I got so many compliments on it. I love this glitter.

And this is my mani for today! Now that Thanksgiving is done, I feel free to get my winter and Christmas holiday groove on, big-time. And I am oh-so-ready for it!! After I got home from my walk this evening, I even put my Christmas wreath on my front door. Yeah, baby!!

This manicure is with Crows Toes, …Need a Light?!, which is another blue beauty I scored during the October Polish Pickup. This lovely was inspired by Godzilla. And it is AMAZING!!!! I love the holographic in here. It is beautifully dark blue and sparkly and just All The Things. And, of course, I stamped snowflakes for my first winter manicure. I love snowflakes. What could be better over this sparkly, winter-perfect blue? I used OPI, Alpine Snow for the stamping. The snowflake design on my plate isn’t etched that deeply, and I couldn’t get the white stamping polish to pick up at all. I think the Alpine Snow worked better because it’s a thinner polish. Buuuut, maybe I’m just making that up. Whatever the case, I love this mani! It feels like a great way to kick off my holiday season. Woo Hoo!

So that’s it for my week of manicure fun. I love getting my blues on! I think I may go blue-heavy next week, too. But I’m not sure. I’ve been thinking about the polishes I want to wear over the holiday season, as well as different holiday-themed manicures I want to do. We’ll see how it goes, I guess!

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