Sister: A Fresh WhoDunnit! 

This interesting find is by my sister and ironically its titled “Sisters”. Its by a relatively unknown author Rosamund Lupton. Rosamund Lupton is a British Author who studied literature at Cambridge University and Sister was her debut novel. Below is the very interesting blurb of this novel:

Lets see how much this novel was able to impress me.


Just like any other thriller the plot begins with the mystery along which the whole novel revolves. A young lady has gone missing in UK and her mother and sister have flown in after learning of her disappearance. The police after finding strong evidences reach a certain conclusion and close the case. However the missing lady’s sister thinks otherwise and starts her own investigation which unearths new revelations. I cannot write more as it will reveal too much and finish the suspense on which this novel is built.



The main character of the novel Beatrice is a go-by-the-rules type of girl who shares a strong bond with her sister Tess in spite of Tess having a totally different happy go lucky personality. In spite of the differences in their nature, the two sisters share a strong bond upon which the novel is built. The other character the Polish girl Kasia who is Tesa’s friend is strong too with her minute innuances that make her so visually apparent and memorable. The other characters; the detective, Beatrice’s boyfriend, their mother just serve the purpose of filling in the thriller


Writing Style

There is nothing new about the writing style. The novel moves forward just like any other thriller by John Grisham or Jeffrey Archer except for the fact that it is written in the form of letters which the main protagonist is writing to her sister. This unique style of narration however does not add or subtract anything from the style.



Overall you will find Sister a very interesting read if you are a fan of thriller and whodunit type of stories where everyone is the suspect. But I am afraid you will not find anything new or innovative in the novel except maybe a detailed insight into the diseases of cystic fibryosis, a diseases which the author has interspersed beautifully into the novel.


Quotable Quotes

This is a lovely quote depicting the special bond between sisters

“As I wait to be rescued I know that I am bereaved but not diminished by your death. Because you are my sister in every fibre of my being. And that fibre is visible-two strands of DNA twisted in a double helix in every cell of my body-proving, visibly, that we are sisters. But there are other strands that link us, that wouldn’t be seen by even the strongest of electron microscopes. I think of how we were connected by Leo Dying and Dad leaving lost homework five minutes after we should have left for school, by holidays to Skype and Christmas rituals (ten past five you’re allowed to open one present at the top of your stocking, ten to five you are allowed to feel but before that only looking and before midnight not even peeking). We are conjoined by hundreds of thousands of memories that silt down into you and stop being memories and become a part of who you are”

And here is another beautiful quote about being religious without being judgemental


“Did Mum tell you that she wasn’t married? , I asked.

“Nor was Mary”

I was totally thrown, unsure if it was a joke.  “True”, I replied. “But hse was well a virgin and the mother of God.”

I heard him laughing . It was the first time someone had laughed at me since you had died.

“My job isn’t to go around judging people. Priests are meant to teach love and forgiveness. That to me is the essence of being a Christian. And trying to find that love and forgiveness in ourselves and others everyday should be a challenge that we want to achieve”


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