Teen Book Review: The Testing by Joelle Charbonneau

I know that this book is old, but it was so good that I had to review it. The teens in my library are all currently obsessed with it and a new one comes in desperately asking for the first one or another in the series. I have no idea why and have given up trying to figure it out. This novel had been on my TBR shelf for years and I am attempting to clean it up.


Cia lives in the post-apocalypic Fives Lakes Colony, where she is preparing to graduate from high school. She has high hopes that she will be given the opportunity to compete in the Testing, like her father before her. She hopes that her intelligence will give her the opportunity to complete the testing and go on to university. No one in her colony has been chosen to compete in a very long time, but this year, Cia and several of her classmates are all sent for the testing. As she prepares, Cia quickly learns that perhaps the testing is not as wonderful an opportunity as everyone has lead her to be. Cia keeps her guard up, and trusts no one…kinda, she does decide to trust Tomas another candidate from her colony. It is impossible to know how to complete the test. Will Cia make the right choices and know who to trust?


This novel rocks dystopian like Hunger Games and Divergent. It keeps the action going…and it is impossible to wait for the next book (thankfully they are all already published). I feel that this book supplied more gruesome descriptions than the other two (but it is possible this is because it was an audiobook and I had little control of the possiblity of skimming over gross parts). This book also rocks the end times romance, which may off put some readers, but I was all for it.


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