The Dish 5 (Pages 188 – 279)


Laura is now in a dilemma about Adam. She is smitten with Adam, especially after he takes her to Italy and spend a romantic weekend. Laura wants to be with him in all senses, but when they are about to make love, there is an awkward moment when he realises he has no condoms. He stops despite Laura’s reassurances that she is on the pill. Laura feels dejected, especially when Adam walks out. Yet, he returns a couple of hours later, and they finally get together.

Laura is on cloud nine as they are their way back to London. Yet, disaster strikes when one of her colleagues calls about her review. Before leaving for Italy, Laura had persuaded Sandra, the sub-editor, to replace the review for another one she had written. That week she had gone to the restaurant again, and the food had nothing to do with the terrible dishes she had eaten the first time. So she wrote another review, leaving the details about the decor, the staff, and the toilets intact, but she waxed lyrical about Adam’s cooking. Yet, as she and Adam are on the coach on the way back to London, she gets the call from Azeem, one of her colleagues, and he tells her that there has been a mishap, and her original review has been published. Laura panics, and there is nothing she can wait.

That way she struggles to find the way to tell Adam. When he calls, he is furious about the review, and even though Laura tries to tell him the truth, he doesn’t let her get a word edgeways. Adam gets to admit that day he left the kitchen for some reason, and when he doesn’t elaborate, Laura fears the worst, but Adam assures her that he will tell her on Sunday. Yet, Laura can’t wait, and the next day she goes to find him, and he spills the beans.

Adam explains that a year ago he and a waitress started flirting. The woman was older than him, and she told him that as a result of cancer treatment she was left barren. Then they hook up for a month, and after that, she vanished. So one of his waiters ran into the woman a while ago, and she was pregnant. After a DNA test Adam learnt that the boy, Josh, is his, and all this happened the week before he met Laura, and he didn’t breathe a word because he was afraid to scare her away. Now Laura isn’t taking the matter well, and she doesn’t think that she can’t forget about the child and continue a relationship that is too complicated to start with.

After the revelation, they arrange to talk once more, and Laura is unsure it is a good idea. She still needs to tell him that she was the author of the terrible review, but as Sophie says, this will be a laughing matter compared to Adam’s secret child. Laura knows that Adam is a decent, honest man, but she doesn’t know if she can cope with the situation. I really hope that they can sort out this obstacle because they are meant to be together.

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