The Duke’s Holiday (Regency Romp #1) by Maggie Fenton | Review

Is there anything better than reading an amazing book for free?! The Duke’s Holiday is currently available for free to Amazon Prime or Kindle Unlimited users, and so are the other two books in the series (reviews to come). I’m normally quite wary of the books that are available for free download as I’ve had some bad experiences before with them, so I try not to go into a free book with high expectations. As I talk about constantly, I love Regency era romance, so I couldn’t help but be a bit excited to read The Duke’s Holiday. Thankfully, it totally exceeded my expectations, and I’ve actually given it four stars on Goodreads! The Duke’s Holiday is a funny, romantic read with a whole host of interesting characters.

As most Regency romances do, it follows an unlikely relationship between a highly strung Duke and a rebellious Lady. After his tragic childhood, Montford insists that everything in his life must be in perfect order: his clothing, his home, and his fiance. The only imperfection in his life is the existence of Honeywell Ale, the brewery owned by rivals of his family. Due to a century-long feud, Montford is the rightful owner of the brewery and the property when he finds out the patriarch of the family has died. To claim his rightful property, Montford must travel to Yorkshire, where he encounters the bluestocking Astrid Honeywell who’s determined that she will continue to run the brewery herself, her wild siblings, her crazy aunt, and a male pig called Petunia. The craziness and imperfection of the Honeywell residence drive Montford crazy, as does the fierce Astrid.

As I said, this was such a fun read. I loved Astrid’s character in particular. She was funny, brave, kind, smart and a champion for women’s rights! Montford was also really likeable (especially when he was drunk on Honeywell Ale). This is the first book of the author’s that I’ve read (it’s also her first book in the historical romance genre), and I think she did a great job. She did the will/they won’t they relationship really well, and managed to make Astrid and Montford’s constant arguing funny rather than annoying. The POV swaps between our two main characters (there’s also the odd chapter from a supporting character POV), and often gives different perspectives of the same scene, which I enjoyed.

I’ve already read the second book in the series (I had to start it immediately once I had finished this), which I loved even more. I was beginning to fall back into a reading slump, but these Maggie Fenton books have made me want to read every historical romance I can get my hands on!

What genre are you currently obsessed with? Thanks for reading!

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