The Rundown- October/November ’17

Secret series by Pseudonymous Bosch (new read)

The “Secret” series is five books about a group of kids in middle school, starting with Cass and Max Ernest. They get involved with a secret society that tries to keep a huge secret from a group of alchemists up to no good. As you can imagine, lots of excitement and adventure ensues. There are lots of twists and turns: some I saw coming, and some I didn’t. That was all part of the fun!

The books each revolve around one of the senses, and I think the names are so enticing to readers:

The Name of this Book is Secret

If You’re Reading this Book, It’s Too Late

This Book is Not Good for You

This Isn’t What It Looks LIke

You Have to Stop This

My favorites were the first, third and fifth. Which brings me to a point– I don’t know if five books was really necessary. I was somewhat fatigued by the time I got to the last one!

The style of this series reminds me of A Series of Unfortunate Events, so if you like the way those are written, I think you’ll like these too. They also had several unique features for young readers, such as a TON of footnotes, and an Appendix in every one full of interesting ways for the reader to expand their experience. There was also a good bit of history and mythology, so young adults might even learn something (I sure did!).

VERDICT: The Secret series was enjoyable and unique. Guys and gals alike will find the subject matter intriguing and absolutely want to know what happens next. For those and the aforementioned reasons, I completely agree with these books’ inclusion on the list!

**You can find Ashley’s review of the first book HERE**


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