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Naughty In Nice (2011)

by Rhys Bowen(Favorite Author)
3.95 of 5 Votes: 2
0425243494 (ISBN13: 9780425243497)
Berkley Hardcover
Her Royal Spyness
review 1: Do you remember when PBS featured their British Mystery series complete with Edward Gory's macabre artwork and a startled scream at intermission? This series evokes all the farcical charm of the historical mystery and melodrama genres. Poor broke Lady Georgie, stuck in dreary old London and volunteering in soup kitchens while her blue-blood relatives escape to the French Riveria for sunshine and debauchery. Georgie gets to join them when the queen sends her on an "important" mission to retrieve a stolen heirloom snuffbox.
review 2: Georgie’s brother Binky and his pregnant wife Fig are ensconced for the winter at Rannoch House in London where Georgie is also residing, but Binky and Fig get an offer from Fig’s sister to visit her house in Nice, on the Fre
... morench Riviera. Fig convinces Binky that they can’t afford to take Georgie with them. However, the Queen sends Georgie on a mission there to find her stolen snuff box. A snuff box is only the tip of the iceberg. After a night in Fig’s sister’s cramped, dilapidated house, not a villa overlooking the ocean, Georgie runs into her mother, who is staying at her own villa, and Georgie goes to stay with her due to having met Coco Chanel on the train through France and Coco wanting Georgie to model for her upcoming show in Nice. A big misunderstanding on Georgie’s part causes a riff between her and Darcy, who, of course, happens to be in Nice, too. A French Marquis starts paying Georgie a lot of attention, which she entirely enjoys. Life in Nice is quite the paradise, and then there is a murder for which Georgie is arrested. How will Georgie convince the police that she is innocent? It is, of course, a tangled tale. less
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Missed Darcy in this one. Better mystery than the previous ones though. I love Georgie's character!
Another fun relaxing read. Can't wait to start the next book.
Another great installment of the series.
Finally! Georgie gets some new clothes!
another good one
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