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Der Monstrumologe (2012)

by Rick Yancey(Favorite Author)
3.91 of 5 Votes: 2
3404206673 (ISBN13: 9783404206674)
Bastei Lübbe
The Monstrumologist
review 1: This novel has a lot of gore, so if that puts you or your YA off, don't read. The prose is superb. The characters are richly drawn; however, Will Henry is the only truly sympathetic and likable character. I happen to be a scientist, so the dispassionate and emotionally distant personalities of the two principle investigators were not really off-putting as much as an accurate portrayal of the way many eccentric scientists live their lives, sadly. The nonhuman antagonists are brutal monsters who eat people, and are clearly drawn from myth and dark fairy tales. If you love horror you'll likely enjoy his novel. I've read it and listened to the audio version. I found both excellent. I also enjoyed the setting, both geographically (New England) and period (late 1800s). Pleas... moree note: I have always been a Lovercraft fan; perhaps that has biased my review.
review 2: I wanted to read this book, but I didn't want to read this book. I used to read a lot of horror genre when I was a teenager and into my twenties, but over the years I have developed an aversion to it. I knew I would love the writing because I had already grown to appreciate Yancey's talented use of language and good storytelling in the Alfred Kropp series (still would like to see more of Alfred, please), as well as The 5th Wave. I was just nervous about how much violence and darkness would be a part of it. I shouldn't have worried. Will Henry is a 12 year old boy with no other option than to accept his lot in life as the assistant to the title character, monstrumologist Pellinore Warthorpe. Will Henry is lonely, grieving for his parents, and unsure about his new life with his master. As for Warthorpe, he took Will Henry in to replace his previous assistant, Will's father. He doesn't show any affection for Will, no real connection to him at all, really. Warthorpe is entirely focused on his work. Every other aspect of life is an afterthought for him, including Will Henry. As the assistant, Will Henry is present for all manner of gruesome and unimaginable scenes involving creatures that are horrible and that most don't realize actually exist. This was the part I was nervous about getting into and, although the attacks of the monsters are gruesome and brutal, they were, for some reason, not really upsetting to me. I was far more attuned to the relationship between Will Henry and Warthorpe and the mystery of how these creatures came to be there and why.Yancey does such beautiful things with language, composing prose that you want to read just for the sake of the words. His characters are engaging, with depth and complexity. While this book is within the horror genre, I felt like that aspect was of far less importance than the interactions between the characters and the unveiling of their nature and motives. less
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Loved it. Pacing, writing, characters - whole package was good. Great Halloween read!
kinda spent the entire book waiting for a resolution which never happened
Not much to the story but I did like the small twists
It was really good but boring in a lot of parts
i liked this alot more then the fifth wave.
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