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The Isle Of Blood (2011)

by Rick Yancey(Favorite Author)
4.28 of 5 Votes: 3
1416984526 (ISBN13: 9781416984528)
Simon & Schuster Books for Young Readers
The Monstrumologist
review 1: There is something about these books (in the Monstrumologist series) that elevates them above your typical YA novels. The characters are so compelling to me....Will Henry, Pellinore Warthrop, nd even Jack Kearns. They are all gruesome, although this one less so than the others, but it doesn't both me. Yancey really knows how to let the feelings of dread develop and the monster hunters get closer to their monsters. Good stuff. Sad there is only one more.
review 2: Too much wibbly introspection, not enough monsters!I did enjoy the story immensely, as always. I also enjoyed the fact that a few of the humans were quite a bit more monstrous than the Monster of Monsters. But I have never been quite sure why Will is so doggedly devoted to his master, who treats h
... moreim with such consistent disregard. Also, the language was a bit obscure in several places. #2 was a stronger story, IMO.Still, I love this series, and enjoyed this book quite a lot. less
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Love this series and this is an especially finger nail biting one. Great characters.
If I could rate this book 6 stars I would. Beautifully written.
As YA handed to me for work goes, this was quite good.
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