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The Wild Life Of Our Bodies: Predators, Parasites, And Partners That Shape Who We Are Today (2011)

by Rob Dunn(Favorite Author)
3.81 of 5 Votes: 5
006180648X (ISBN13: 9780061806483)
review 1: The author delivers on the promise of the book description overall, but I couldn't give a full five stars on account of including areas where the research is still rather far from conclusive. If it had presented slightly differently, perhaps in the context of, "this interesting research is being done suggestion such and such" would have been better. Instead, those areas are dwelled upon somewhat extensively, in spite of their speculative nature. Considering the strength of the author's thesis, it seems like the author may have intentionally leaned towards newer research that might surprise and titillate readers, rather than focusing on areas where there is already more scientific consensus.That being said, this is a great book overall, I learned a ton, and I recommend it f... moreor anyone interested in anatomy or human evolution.
review 2: Humans have gone way ahead of other species, we are so successful in conquering nature, we want to live cut out from it. We begin by building settlements that keep everything nature outside. We also start killing other living creatures for no other reasons because we can. Inside our bodies, there is a belief that erasing everything is good. But it turns out, life and nature was never that simple. We have evolved for millions of years. Our body was shaped by everything in, out of and around it. We are shaped by predators, parasites and partners. Now, when we are trying to take out and erased everything, our body is missing their long time enemy/friends. Right now our body is chasing ghost and they turn against us.Because we clean every worms and other parasites in our gut, our immune system and antibody attack us instead. They see the enemies everywhere. Once, it was useful because enemies were everywhere. But when we obliterated the enemies, they began to attack their own self and they won't stop. There are new types of diseases that emerging in (especially) developed countries or affluent society when life is so pristine, it is vulnerable. Our body need their enemies and partners. We need nature. We cannot barricade our self against nature, because nature is inside of us. That is the message that this book and its author is trying to tell us. less
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Ele deveria estudar um pouco mais de Antropologia, mas é muito bom.
Not quite what I expected but some excellent ideas and background.
Fascinating evolutionary biology.
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