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Chasing The Bear (2009)

by Robert B. Parker(Favorite Author)
3.79 of 5 Votes: 1
0399247769 (ISBN13: 9780399247767)
review 1: The story was interesting and entertaining. A couple of short tales from the life of your Spenser. The book took less than 2 hours to read. The writing style was bad, just a lot of short incomplete sentences my english teachers would have flunked me for using. But it is the typical American writing style if you are writing a kids book. This kind of writing assumes kids can not understand the written word. It is the reason I do appreciate the Harry Potter books because the writter assumes kids are not stupid.
review 2: Chasing the Bear: A Young Spenser Novel (Spencer #37) by Robert B. Parker (Philomel Books 2009)(Fiction - Teen Mystery) is a wonderful Spenser novel which Parker apparently targeted at a new audience: teens. This tale features a conversat
... moreion between a grownup Spenser and his love Susan in which Spenser tells the backstory of his formative years growing up in an all male household (except for the dog) in Montana. It's almost short story length; I can't wait to pass this to my twelve year old son for his reaction. 7/10, finished 5/28/13. less
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Cute conversation describing Spencer as a kid......adds a lot of insight to his personality.
My last Parker novel starring Spenser. Traces Spencer's upbringing and was okay - not great.
Nice to know where Spencer is coming from, but not a very exciting book.
Thoroughly enjoyed Spensers early years. Explains a lot.
Spenser was always cool. This was a fun read.
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