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Sixkill (2011)

by Robert B. Parker(Favorite Author)
3.96 of 5 Votes: 5
0399157263 (ISBN13: 9780399157264)
Putnam Adult
review 1: I am always happy to run across a Spenser book that I haven't read. This one has Spenser working with a law firm to try and discover whether a thoroughly distasteful movie star is actually guilty of the murder of a young girl that the police have accused him of. No Hawk in this one but Spenser takes on the Stars' Native American body guard named Sixkill after he has been fired from his job. Typical Parker with quick short prose and easy reading.
review 2: Farewell Spenser, the likes of you (and Parker) may not come this way again -- in both the good and bad sense, don't you know. This was the last in Parker's long-running series, featuring the Boston edition of our knight-errant private dick with a deep moral sense, a good right hook, a taste for the bottle an
... mored the ladies. Like a finely-made clock, a Spenser mystery ticks along with satisfying regularity, moving inexorably towards a conclusion which, truth be told, the reader doesn't much give a shit about, since the key pleasure of the series has long been the interplay between some finely drawn regular characters and those that are making cameo appearances in order for the clock to tick again. This story involves a gross-out movie star, a Boston nympho and her unpleasant family, and the title character, a Cree Indian man of mountainous proportions whom Spenser sort of mentors. Along the way we have a kind of Greek chorus in the dialog between Spenser and his live-in girlfriend, the shrink and PhD from Harvard. A bit corny. A bit retro. A bit showy. A bit Spenser, nothing groundbreaking here, just a bit of old-fashioned fun and a chance for Parker to spout the ideology of the private eye, which we presume is also his own. R.I.P. less
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I was a little surprised at the ending.
Spencer is good, just not a Stone
Parker's last Spenser
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