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Painted Ladies (2010)

by Robert B. Parker(Favorite Author)
3.95 of 5 Votes: 1
0739343920 (ISBN13: 9780739343920)
Random House Audio
review 1: This book was an easy read. It followed the format of the classic detective story with a tough private detective and the mysterious client. It had a few twists and turns in the plot. However, since this was the second book in this series, the author didn't bother to introduce most of the characters. He also didn't describe what the main characters looked like. It's hard for me to read a book that I can't adequately visualize.
review 2: This was my introduction to the Spenser private detective series. Spenser's art historian client is literally blown to pieces as he retrieves a stolen "one-of-a-kind" masterpiece from the thief. What follows as Spenser tracks down the killer is a journey into the world of looted art from Holocast victims during the early 1940's.
... more There's a varied cast of characters and of course no one is who they originally seem to be, including Spenser's client. It's a well told fast paced story -- many short chapters which keeps the action speeding along. Spenser's the star of the story. Highly entertaining! less
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I always enjoy the Spenser books. Fast read and lots of fun. This was no exception
Got bogged down from time to time. Stories are usually faster paced.
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