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Rough Weather (2008)

by Robert B. Parker(Favorite Author)
3.91 of 5 Votes: 4
0399155198 (ISBN13: 9780399155192)
Putnam Adult
review 1: The novel that I read this term was Rough Weather by Robert B. Parker. This Spencer novel is a story about how a private investigator, Mr. Spencer, (his first name is never revealed) gets involved with the kidnapping of Heidi Bradshaw`s daughter and the murder of her son in law. Heidi asks Spencer to attend her daughter, Adelaide`s, wedding and keep her safe, which seems very suspicious to Spencer. When he is there “The Grey Man” (Rugar) shows up with a team of trained and armed men to kidnap Heidi`s daughter and in the process they kill Heidi`s new husband along with security guards. Spencer feels the need to investigate this issue even though he was not assigned. At first, there are no leads as Rugar seems to be killing more people and he cannot figure what the plan... more was, a kidnap or a murder. Through a long and hard investigation Spencer find out that Rugar is Adelaide`s father and he kidnapped her to keep with him and to keep her safe. I think that the theme in the novel was that anything is possible and it is shown by the unpredictability of the whole novel. My favorite character in the novel was Hawk. Hawk is Spencer`s friend that often helps out Spencer when he is having a hard time cracking the case or needs a hand on a physical matter. Hawk is a large, muscular man that you do not want to mess with. I like Hawk because he is a man with a great confidence and someone that is never defeated. When Hawk is at the bar discussing the case he orders a drink and the server says,” ‘We don`t sell Krug by the glass, sir’’… “’I`ll have a bottle’ Hawk said” (135). Hawk is a comedic guy that has a walk that says nobody is going to beat him and that is one of the things that I really like about Hawk. I think that it was a personal reaction to liking Hawk because Hawk is has a personality that I know many people do not like. In general I liked this novel; however I think that this novel is intended to an older audience because there was many times where a joke or something happened that I did not fully understand. This book has some strong language and there are some instances that would give younger kids nightmares. During the kidnapping of Adelaide her husband tried to stop Rugar and Rugar simply, “Put his gun to against the bridge of the kid`s nose and pulled the trigger. It blew the back of his head out, and there was a lot of blood and brains” (33). I would recommend this book to a mature person that likes action and investigative books. There is a great story line and Parker writes the book very well and descriptively. Overall Rough Weather was a great novel that had a twisting story in addition to interesting characters.
review 2: I read a Robert Chandler book (Poodle Springs) that Robert Parker had finished and enjoyed it so I figured I’d read something by him as a solo author. While the storyline appeared interesting - a kidnapping and murders at a high profile wedding, I found the storyline lacking. All the “action” came through the terse conversational dialogue which made short chapters. Ultimately the plot was predictable and it was an easy read. less
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As always a great read.I love the dialogue in the books
Flynn is always the best. Missing his books.
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