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Barefoot In The Sun (2013)

by Roxanne St. Claire(Favorite Author)
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145550825X (ISBN13: 9781455508259)
Barefoot Bay
review 1: I received this book from the publisher completely unsolicited and I’ll be honest here. Based on the cover…I didn’t intend on reading this one. Why? I don’t know, maybe because it seemed too froo froo-ey, too old fashioned romance? I don’t know. While talking to Kristen Painter, she recommended I try Roxanne St. Claire’s books. I remembered having this book and thought, “OKAY, I’ll try it out”. I am so glad that I did. :-)Unfortunately the cover does NOTHING to convey how good this book is.When I started the book I had ZERO expectations. 60 pages later I put the book down COMPLETELY invested in this book and totally shocked. They say never judge a book by it’s cover, right? I was in LOVE with these characters and pleasantly surprised that I laughed qui... morete a bit. The cover grabs you right from the prologue.What I loved most and was a nice change of pace for me…was the fact that there wasn’t a lot of sex. In fact, Zoe and Oliver didn’t have sex until towards the very end of the book. There was plenty of sexual chemistry and build up. They had cute banter together and it was just the epitome of a great traditional romance story but with LOTS of twists and turns. It was sweet and a little mushy at times but in great moderation. There was a little bit of suspense in this book and definitely some sadness and heartache.Ohhh and Evan! :-) Aww LOVED EVAN!! Evan is Oliver’s VERY spunky and ridiculously smart eight year old son. I thought he added a great dynamic to their story.The side characters (which I know are main characters in the other books in the series) were great too. And I’m earge to here their stories as well.When I get a chance I definitely plan to read more of this series and Roxanne St. Claire.
review 2: Love Ms. St. Claire’s writing. There are always twists that keeps me hook to her stories.All pre-conceive ideas about Zoe are out the window once you start reading this book. I thought she was a mistress and gave her the benefit of the doubt that he didn’t know he was married (LOL), of course with that assessment I blamed Oliver for deceiving her.Man was I wrong!!! Oliver can only be blame for doing what was right. He was a good caring man that wanted commitment (Can you believe that?) and fear kept Zoe running away from that man.The story is told beautifully, the characters are endearing, Evan was sooo cute, and there are lies, some mystery, awesome friendship, great sex, and lots of signs, plus we get to read about previous characters in the series.Don’t know what to expect of Tessa’s future story. I rather not read the teaser at the and because it only makes me want more and I know I have to wait a while for the rest. less
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I enjoyed this book very much. Looking forward to the last one in the series. Only a month to go....
I didn't really enjoy this as much as the first two in the series
Oooh, liked this one.
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