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Sous Les Masques (2013)

by Roxanne St. Claire(Favorite Author)
4.1 of 5 Votes: 4
229007313X (ISBN13: 9782290073131)
J'ai Lu
The Guardian Angelinos
review 1: This review might contain spoilers from the first novel Edge of Sight if you have not read it yet.The second book in the Guardian Angelinos series did not disappoint. The action was fast-paced, suspense kept you guessing who was on the good side or the bad side. I was thrown for a loop not once but TWICE in the plot twist in the last quarter of the book. Devyn Sterling has been adopted and growing up, she had no connection to her adopted parents, so she decided to get in touch with her biological mother. While going to her house, she stumble across a picture of herself at a young and wonder if her birth mother had kept tabs on her. Realizing that her mother is in Ireland, Devyn decides to go after her.Marc Rossi was hired by the FBI through his family run business to go to... more Belfast, Ireland to bring back Devyn. What he and Devyn didn't know was that they were stumbling a little too close to a deep and dark undercover operation. Devyn wasn't wanted in Belfast and they got the message loud and clear when several men tried to get her to leave.Longing for a connection with her birth mother, Devyn stays in Ireland to try and track her down to see if she really did have bad blood in her DNA considering her father is on the FBI Most Wanted list. While searching for that connection, she and Marc realize they made one too, with each other. She becomes less of an assignment and Marc decides to help her in her search, mostly trying not to get themselves killed in the melee. You have to read 50% of the book before it starts making sense, because the entire book is pretty much a wild goose chase. I love Roxanne's writing style, and you really feel bad for Devyn but she bounces back quick to realize what she was searching for might not be what she needs.
review 2: I was very disappointed with Devyn for someone who grew up with money and connections she had no ambitions in life except to have a baby. Now there is nothing wrong with that, it was just the way she went about it.I also did not like that she kept making Marc feel guilty that he had a loving family and she did not. She was just too weak for Marc.I kept wondering when are they going to fall in love because Devyn was just too insecure, she believed that her DNA defines who she is as a person!!!! I had higher expectations after reading Edge of sight. The story was good but for me this is not a keeper. less
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Great romantic suspense. Identity, family, spies, and (mostly) set in Ireland. Wonderful!
2nd in Guardian Angelino Series. Kept me guessing!
I liked the beginning, but Devyn got annoying .
Great love them all
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