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Uczta U Królowej (2012)

by Rutu Modan(Favorite Author)
3.54 of 5 Votes: 5
Kultura Gniewu
review 1: This is an absolutely gorgeous children's book using the comics format, made by an artist more known for her much lauded graphic novels for adult readers. Herein lies part of the brilliance of Francoise Mouly's Toon Books, getting the best of the best in contemporary comics art, and making them create comics for kids which is an area strangely lacking in the world of comics. That and applying rigorous systems for what can be done in wording, the usage of characters etc. due to the assumed reading level of the target audience, and applying this to three different levels, making books that can fit any young reader. Rutu Modan tells a story that seems to be a modern version of the old German children's book Der Struwwelpeter. Both signify their times, for as Struwwelpeter was... more harshly admonished for not doing as his parents instructed, Maya in this 21st century tale, of course wins the day and even learns the Queen to eat in her own, natural/sloppy way.I also really liked the full page of advice on how to read comics to kids, something that I have noticed is far from natural to many parents. All-in-all, Toon Books really delivers, and their assortment of books should all be required to be included in all public libraries.
review 2: This wacky book will appeal to any kid who's ever been told to use their fork. It's not surprising that the author's bio suggests the idea for this book came out of Modan's own child's mouth--it perfectly captures a slice of life for children, then exaggerates it to goofy effect. The artwork is adorable, the humor good-natured. Easily read by my 7 year old, who loved it, with plenty of interest even for older kids in the same boat. I love that it offers empathy for a common childhood problem, without trying to instruct or advise. While I like books that offer such guidance, I think that a dose of empathy is appropriate in such situations, too. less
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Maya is real. Love her slouch, sweatshirt and socks. Wish I was learning to read with this.
it's that bad manners thing...I never think it's cute.
Maybe Toon Books aren't my thing?
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