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Dragon Ship Limited Signed Edition (Theo Waitley, #4) (2012)

by Sharon Lee(Favorite Author)
4.22 of 5 Votes: 4
1451637993 (ISBN13: 9781451637991)
Liaden Universe
review 1: Fourth novel developing Theo Waitley's life but not really the end of her story. The story is sort of like a string of adventures as Theo is hired to open up a Korval trade route. Will Win Ton recover and will he be the same engaging Liaden who was such a good friend and mentor to Theo? How will Clarence O'Brien fit in these relationships? Will Bechino, the intelligent ship, learn how to relate better with his human pilots? Will Kamele, who is also looking for Jen Sar Kiladi, find her way to Korval safely? I'm not sure any of those questions were really resolved.
review 2: Oh, Lee and Miller. Sigh. Why is it that you can get things so right some of the time, and at others get sucked into your own particular brand of murk? I can only assume that you don't thi
... morenk of it as murk, but at the same time I know I'm not the only person who finds some things unsatisfying in some of this continuing series.I *like* the way Lee and Miller add a depth of interest in mundane aspects of daily life; this has been present in the Liaden series since the first books; i.e. descriptions of food and cooking. Yet sometimes they seem to get fixated on a thing; for a while it seemed to be carpets, and lately the thing that keeps popping up is cookies.This book is so profoundly a chapter in a greater story that it leaves SO many things un-wrapped up.I was deeply disappointed by the Miri/Val Con sections, and how rushed they felt. less
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4 times read (at least)10/4/2013 yesh was good, still awake 2:20 am - not so good
This is a great addition to the Liaden Universe series.
Okay, so when's the next one coming out!
Great read cannot wait for the next book
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