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Sleight Of Paw (2011)

by Sofie Kelly(Favorite Author)
4.01 of 5 Votes: 3
0451234537 (ISBN13: 9780451234537)
Penguin Books
Magical Cats
review 1: This is the second installment in this delightful series. Agatha Shepherd, now elderly, has been a helpful force in the lives of many of the town’s inhabitants. So who would be in involved in running her down in what looks to be a deliberate hit-and-run accident? Kathleen, with the help of her two amazing cats, is no slouch when it comes to ferreting out the truth. And neither is the detective assigned to the case. But can they work together? This entertaining cozy is pure fun from beginning to end. With its well-developed plot and characters as well as its interesting library setting, it has appeal for book lovers and cat lovers alike.
review 2: I have been reading the Magical Cats mystery series out of order, which is very unlike me, but I'm really e
... morenjoying the series and I'm reading them as I find them. Kathleen Paulson has moved from Boston -- away from a bad relationship -- to take the job as head librarian in Mayville and supervise the renovation of a Carnegie Library. She's made new friends, is taking a Tai Chi class and has adopted two rather extraordinary cats, Hercules and Owen. When an elderly woman's body is found in an alley, Kathleen feels like this was no accident and is determined to find out who killed the woman. Kathleen is living in a small town and everyone has their secrets. Easy to read. Great characters that I'd love to invite to tea. less
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Whee! I knew this series was going to be good! I love the cats!
Easy, mindless perfect for distraction at the airport.
This book was pure fluff and fun. Off to number three.
nice quick fun read.
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